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Pisces Conservation: Analytical software packages
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Community ecology   Statistics   Sampling analysis
  • Community Analysis Package - £194
    Upgrade from older versions to 6.0 - £79
    NMDS, DECORANA, TWINSPAN, Reciprocal Averaging, PCA, ANOSIM, SIMPER, Cluster analysis, Similarity and distance measures, plus running R code natively inside the program.
  • Ecom - £100
    Upgrade from Version 1.x to 2.0 - £39.00
    Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA), Redundancy Analysis (RDA) and Multiple Regression (MR).
  • Species Diversity & Richness IV - £74
    Upgrade from Version 1.x/2.x/3.x to 4 - £34.00
    A wide range of alpha and beta diversity related methods, and much more.
  • Community Sequence Analysis - £499
    For calculating diversity and distance measures from genetic sequences and for grouping clones according to similarity.
  • Applying Multivariate Methods - £27
    The complete guide to multivariate analysis.
  • QED Statistics - £37
    An easy-to-use yet powerful stats package for students, post-grads and researchers.
  • Axis - £100
    For the statistical analysis of circular data.
  • Fuzzy Grouping - £100
    Upgrade from Version 1.x to 2.0 - £39.00
    Fuzzy clustering methods for handling imprecise data.

Digital download

Digital downloadIf you're in a hurry to analyse your data, then buy online, and download your software immediately - save money on postage too! Read more...

  • Density from Distance - £74
    Estimating animal and plant density from measurements of the distance between objects.
  • Hedgerow Assistant - £194
    Guides you expertly through the 1997 Hedgerows Regulations survey procedure.
  • Removal Sampling - £74
    Upgrade from Version 1.x to 2.2 - £34.00
    Calculates population statistics from removal trapping data.
  • Growth II - £100
    Upgrade from Simply Growth to Growth II - £39
    Major upgrade to Simply Growth - fits and plots von Bertalanffy, Seasonally-adjusted von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, Logistic and many other growth curves to length and/or weight at age data.
  • Simply Probit - £74
    Estimates lethal or environmental concentrations using toxicity data.
  • Simply Tagging - £74
    For estimating population size of both closed and open populations with mark-recapture methods.
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PowerPoint Lectures ONLY £14.40:
"An Introduction to Multivariate Statistics" - accompanies CAP, Ecom or Fuzzy Grouping.

"An Introduction to Species Diversity & Richness" - accompanies SDR IV.

"An Introduction to Growth Curves" - accompanies Growth 2.
  RDE Express - £17.00
T-Group - £17.00
EventLogger - £17.00
ListCombiner - £17.00
TEE Reader - FREE
DataConverter - FREE
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