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Community Sequence Analysis
Latest version 1.3

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Suitable for researchers in biodiversity and DNA sequence analysis, Community Sequence Analysis is a Windows program for calculating diversity and distance measures from genetic sequences and for grouping clones together according to their similarity.

Designed to handle files in the conventional fasta format, it offers a dramatically new approach to the examination of multiple sequences.

Community Sequence Analysis performs highly complex and sophisticated sorting and matching routines yet is simple and quick to use. The entire procedure is carried out behind the scenes and the presentation of results takes place in just one window.

Produced in the familiar and popular tabbed-notebook style, you have complete control over how your sequences are aligned and over setting the start and end positions of the sections you wish to examine.

Developed in collaboration with top European genetics laboratories under the auspices of the European Union 5th Framework, Community Sequence Analysis takes biodiversity analysis into a new dimension.
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