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Bespoke software programming
In addition to off-the-shelf software packages for students and researchers, Pisces have many years' experience in writing software to individual clients' specifications. We work in close collaboration with the client, to provide bespoke software for database, simulation and educational purposes. Previous projects include:
  • Library system for books, journals, maps and photographs, for Hampshire Wildlife Trust.
  • Transect Walker - a suite of programs developed for Butterfly Conservation, to collate and analyse butterfly monitoring data on a national level.
  • Community Sequence Analysis - the product of a long collaboration with the MIDI-CHIP project, working on diversity analysis of DNA sequences. Now developed as a commercial product.
  • R-Web - Software for simulating and studying the complex movement of radionuclide releases, developed for teaching Masters students in Nuclear Engineering.
As well as bespoke stand-alone software, we also undertake software modelling, either using existing packages, such as CORMIX to model the dispersal of thermal effluent plumes, or in-house development of complex models, such as the prediction of up- and down-stream migration of salmon.

We offer realistic pricing, intensive collaboration and client involvement to ensure delivery of customer requirements, and innovative solutions to difficult analyses.

Whatever field you are in, if you require a software solution, contact us.