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Here you can find a range of utilities which might just make a researcher's life a little easier!

EventLogger - £17.00 (excl. VAT) - BUY NOW
EventLogger lets you record the timing and frequency of events. It will show you a graph of the relative frequency of the events and allows the results to be saved and exported to other programs. Keys on your keyboard are assigned to different events; when you press the key the event is added to the count, and the time of the event and its duration are recorded. Event Logger comes with a number of pre-programmed sets of keys, or you can set up your own keys and save their meanings.

ListCombiner - £17.00 (excl. VAT) - BUY NOW
Use ListCombiner to join data files containing species/sample data; particularly useful when you have a large data set, and Excel will only allow 255 columns in a spreadsheet! Automatically combines sites and species records correctly, sorts, and adds zeros to blank cells. Outputs combined data set as a .csv file, which can be opened directly in other Pisces programs.

RDE Express - £17.00 (excl. VAT) - BUY NOW
RDE Express is a program for inputting species length or size frequency data, using mouse or pen input. The program can save the data in two different formats: a long list of species, date, time and size, or as tables sorted by species and binned into size categories. This output can be divided up by month or year.

T-Group - £17.00 (excl. VAT) - BUY NOW
T-Group combines species data into higher taxonomic groups. By forming a class structure where the top class (e.g. family) owns the lower members (genus) the program will automatically create summary type data. The program will sort a raw data set merging the data from any members of the same class. Output from T-Group can feed directly into other PISCES programs such as CAP, ECOM and SDR. It is particularly useful for creating data for BMWP, ASPT and LIFE scores, and comes with the complete list of British Freshwater families.

DataConverter - FREE DOWNLOAD (823 KB)
This utility converts data files used by EstimateS and SYSTAT into the format required by Pisces Conservation's software packages. It will work with *.txt or *.csv data files in Format 3 of the EstimateS file formats.

TEE Reader - FREE DOWNLOAD (2471 KB)
Use Tee Reader to edit and alter TEE charts exported from our programs.