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Pisces Conservation: Web links

Pisces' own sites
Pisces on-line shop
Pisces Conservation - Consultancy & Information
Amazonian Fish and their Habitats
Power Station Effects
Eel Regulations
QED Statistics website

Ecology, information resources, etc.
British Ecological Society
Cashel - Forest for a Thousand Years
Earthlife - Gordon Ramel's Encyclopaedia of Life
The Kamchatka Peninsula
The Last Noah's Ark - Brazilian ecology, environment and biodiversity (Portuguese/English).
rECORd - The Biodiversity Information System for Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral.

Botanical Society of the British Isles

Blackwell Publishing journals
Freshwater Biology
Ecology of Freshwater Fish
Animal Conservation
Conservation Biology
  Statistics, Software & Computing
DMap - Distribution & coincidence mapping software

Sampling equipment suppliers, etc.
Skye Instruments Ltd - Weather DATA loggers, bat detectors
Tracksys Ltd - tracking systems for animal behaviour research
Tresanton Oceanographic - oceanographic equipment supply service

Energy, natural resources, power stations and dams
Photo gallery of Power Stations Around The World

Entomology, etc.
Amateur Entomologists' Society
Peregrine Productions Insect id charts
The Arachnology Home Page - comprehensive collection of information, books, pictures and links to other sites.
Entomology at Home: Guide to Identifying House and Yard Insects - Many thanks to Jack Wells for suggesting the site - good luck getting your Merit Badge, Jack! :)

Rivers & Estuaries, Fish and Fishing, etc.
Hudson River Maritime Museum
NY State, Hudson River Home Page
Restore America's Estuaries
Salmon boats of the River Severn, Gloucestershire
US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Fisheries Historical Timeline