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Pisces Conservation: Download demo programs & instruction manuals

Free demo versions of:

PLEASE NOTE: Demo programs only work with the sample data sets supplied.

  Download demo copies of e-books
(zipped Adobe Acrobat pdf):
  Download full instruction manuals
(Adobe Acrobat pdf - Click link to read online, Right-click and choose 'Save Target As...' to download and save):
Video demonstrations: Community Analysis Package
CAP - General Introduction
CAP - Input & output
CAP - Grouping
  Video demonstrations: QED Statistics
General Introduction
Directly inputting data
Pasting in data
Using a spreadsheet
GLM guide
Single Variable methods
One- and two-sample tests
Regression methods
  Digital Download:
If you're in a hurry to start analysing your data, all our software and e-books are available to download - save time and money!