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Lecture Resources
Designed for the busy lecturer or course leader, these presentations provide complete lectures on practical ecology and statistical analysis for students of ecology, natural history, environmental science and similar subjects. The lecture notes and manual are designed to be accessible to students of A-level, undergraduate, high school or junior college standard.
No. 1 - Seashore ecology
No. 2 - The Ecology of Freshwaters
No. 3 - The Galapagos Islands from an Ecological Perspective
No. 4 - Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
No. 5 - Introduction to Species Diversity & Richness
No. 6 - Introduction to Growth Curves

Looking Back for the Future
Proceedings of the Linnean Society's two-day symposium, on the use of long-term data for predicting ecological change.
Dynamica allows the user to explore how animal populations and communities change through time, based on a superb 20-year data set from the Severn Estuary.

QED Statistics
An easy-to-use yet powerful stats package for students, post-grads and researchers.

Applying Multivariate Methods
The complete introduction to multivariate analysis.

Fish of the Amazon and Their Habitats
An invaluable resource for aquarists, and anyone interested in Amazonian ecology. With hundreds of original colour photographs, maps, and diagrams, covering the Mamiraua Reserve, and other areas of Amazonia in Brazil and Peru, Peter Henderson provides one of the most complete reference works about the region ever published.

Amazonian Fishes & their Habitats
This product has been superseded by 'Fish of the Amazon and Their Habitats', in September 2012