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Species Diversity & Richness (SDR)
Latest version 4.1.2

Price: £74.00 + VAT

Over 70 methods just a mouse click away
Use the latest methods to gain insights into your data. SDR gives you a powerful suite of proven methods including some of the most exciting methods in modern ecology. With SDR, you can use all these methods, simply, quickly and easily.

Unlocks the diversity of your data
With SDR you can explore multiple indices in a fraction of a second, compare the diversity or richness of any two samples, produce high quality graphics and discover patterns in your data. SDR is the tool that unlocks your data.

Explains the methods and gives you the information
Every method is explained in detail in the extensive help system, which gives you the background you need to understand your data. We give you advice on the most appropriate method for your data, and include worked examples of the analyses you will be undertaking.

More analysis, more explanation, more insight
Our intuitive interface lets you get at your results fast. With SDR you can use the newest methods just as quickly and easily as the established ones.

We give you the support of a proven company
We pride ourselves on our technical support, with extensive help systems, and free email and phone support for our users.

SDR is the right program for you
Perfect for undergraduate and post-graduate students, and researchers in environmental, geographical and archaeological sciences, Species Diversity and Richness offers a full suite of techniques for analysing sample diversity. SDR offers all the analytical tools that a general ecologist needs for analysing and comparing the diversity of communities. All the recommended methods of Magurran's "Measuring Ecological Diversity" (2004), and Southwood and Henderson's "Ecological Methods" (3rd edition, 2002) have been implemented within the comprehensive program.

Explore what's new in Version IV

Key features
  • Complete set of methods - 70+ methods including
    • 11 Alpha
    • 8 Beta
    • 14 Evenness
    • 14 Richness
    • SHE analysis
    • BMWP, ASPT, Irish Q and LIFE score
    • Bootstrapping confidence intervals
    • Jackknife estimation
    • Distribution fitting
  • Innovative/up to date methods
  • Compare multiple indices
  • Comparing samples for species compliment
  • Extensive help
  • Worked examples
  • Copy and paste straight into your reports
  • No limit on size of data set
  • A proven program, used all over the world
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ADD-ON: Get the accompanying PowerPoint lectures "An Introduction to Species Diversity & Richness" for only £12 + VAT