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Freshwater Ostracods - Review

Review from Gordon Ramel's Review page

Pisces conservation continue their valuable work of keeping important scientific works available through the media of E-books with a reprint of this Linnean Society Synopsis (No. 42), originally published in 1990. Ostracods are an extremely important part of most aquatic ecosystems and are a part of the wonderful diversity of the Crustacea.

Their small size, and taxonomic difficulties, have reduced their popularity among naturalists, however they are a group that would greatly repay anybody who made the effort to get to know them. The Ostracoda are also important geologically as they are an extremely ancient lineage that fossilises well.

This volume deals only with freshwater species of the British Isles and is best appreciated in conjunction with Synopsis No. 43, Marine and Brackish-water Ostracods by Athersuch, Horne and Whittaker (1989). As well as a brief introduction to Ostracods in general, and freshwater species in particular this book includes keys down to species level for the British species, and numerous excellent plates. There is also a Glossary and a taxonomic index. Like all the Linnean Society Synopses this is a well produced work.

For the modern computer world a CD version of a book like this is an excellent option, particularly for the images, which are reproduced well here. It is cheap and good value for money, an undoubtedly useful resource for every limnologists, naturalists and or teachers in the UK who have students looking at the world around them.

Highly Recommended

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