Introduction to Simply Tagging

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Simply Tagging is a Windows program that offers a range of analytical techniques to estimate population size, mortality and survival using mark-recapture methods. Simply Tagging has been designed for ease of use on PCs running under Windows. Data can be organised using Windows programs such as Excel and the output from Simply Tagging is displayed, exported and printed using standard Windows techniques. This results in a program that is easily used by both students and professional ecologists. It is particularly useful for ecological teaching because it also offers a data simulation module to generate data sets that can be used to test the reliability and accuracy of the methods available under different levels of capture probability and types of animal behaviour.


For installation instructions see


System requirements


For information about mark-recapture methods see

An introduction to mark-recapture methods


For getting started with data entry see

Summary for entering data

A simple example of data entry

Entering data