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Simply Tagging
Latest version 2.0.1

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Suitable for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers, Simply Tagging is a Windows program to estimate population size for both closed and open populations using mark-recapture methods. It also allows students to simulate data and explore the accuracy and reliability of mark-recapture.
  • Data can be entered as individual animal capture histories or as summary tables.
  • Ability to subset data by sex or age.
  • Undertakes full Jolly-Seber or constant survival and probability of capture model.
  • Wide range of methods available for closed populations
  • Data simulation options to model mark-recapture experiments for open and closed populations.

Version 2 of Simply Tagging has a range of improvements over the previous version, including:
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8
  • Completely revised Help system
  • Improvements to memory handling to increase speed of calculations
  • Upgrade of charting package
For the full update list, see Update History/Upgrades

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