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QED Statistics
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QED Statistics: An innovative Windows program for students, teachers and researchers...
Are you looking for an easy-to use stats program?
Do you want to know what your results mean?
Do you want to know how the statistics are calculated?
Do you get confused about which test to use, and how to interpret the results?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then QED Statistics is the program for you!

QED Statistics offers a comprehensive range of statistics, chosen to meet the needs of all students, researchers and post-grads wanting to analyse quantitative data. The program holds your hand, from data input, through single sample stats, right up to General Linear Models.

Teachers & lecturers. With its easy-to-use interface, and familiar Windows feel, QED Statistics is the perfect teaching program. You can concentrate on the statistics and how to use them, rather than on how to use a complex stats program.

QED Statistics is used by the University of Oxford as standard software for their data analysis tuition.

For guided tours to experience the simple interface, the explanations of methods, and the massive help system, and much more, please visit the QED Statistics website.

A user writes: "... Thank you for your fast response to my order and particularly for a superb suite of stats programmes at a sensible price! "
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