The Main Form

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When the program is started, you will be presented with a blank working area.

From the File menu choose Open to load an existing data set, or Reopen to load one that you have used previously. The program will "remember" the 6 most recently-used data files.




Once a data set is loaded or a new data set created, methods can be selected from the drop-down menus, and the calculations for each method will be displayed in individual tabbed pages. The title of the data set is displayed in the top bar of the program.




Along the top bar are a number of drop-down menus. These work in the same way as any other standard Windows program.

File: To open, save, export and print data sets.

Edit: To cut copy and paste to and from the active window.

Planning: To create simulated data.

Open methods: To undertake calculations on populations that can change in size during the study period.

Closed methods: To undertake calculations for populations that are assumed to have remained constant during the coarse of the study.

Help: To enter the Help system.

About: Details about the program version.