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This form shows the resulting calculations for a Jolly-Seber model with constant survival and probability of capture.


Jolly constant tab


The parameter estimates are arranged in columns, with the rows representing each of the sampling occasions:


Column 1 gives the sample number.

Column 2 gives the estimated number of marked animals in the population.

Column 3 gives estimated size of the population.

Column 4 gives the standard error of the population estimate.

Column 5 gives estimates of the proportion of the population surviving between samples. This will not change as a constant survival is assumed.

Column 6 gives the standard error of the survival estimates.

Column 7 gives the estimate of the new animals entering the population. A negative number occurs when there has been a net loss of animals.

Column 8 gives the estimated probability of capture for each sample. This will not change as a constant probability of capture is assumed.

Column 9 gives the standard error of the probability of capture estimate.


A plot of the population size through time (at the times when samples were taken) plus their 95% confidence limits is obtained by clicking on the Plot estimates tab.


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