Entering full individual tagging data

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This type of data is only available when animals are individually tagged with a unique mark so that you have the full capture history of each animal. You can see examples of this type of data set either by opening the example file DemoFull.csv or by running the simulator.


Some methods for analysing closed populations require full capture history data. Given a full data set Simply Tagging will create other summary tables as required.


The data for each individual is arranged by columns.

Column 1, labelled 'Animal' is to hold a unique identification for the animal. This can be any combination of letters or numbers. It could, for example, be the tag number or the name given to the individual animal.


Column 2, labelled 'Wt' is designed to hold additional information such as weight, age or length that can be used to subdivide the data into size or age classes for separate analysis. This field need not be filled.


Column 3, labelled 'Sex' should hold Male, Female, or N/A for not applicable. It is used to subdivide the data by sex for separate analysis. This field can be ignored if sex is unimportant. To define the sex, click on a cell in the Sex column and a drop-down menu will appear.


Sex choice


Columns 4 onwards are labelled Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3 etc., and are used to encode the capture history. For each sampling occasion enter:

1 if the animal was captured, tagged and released,

0 if the animal was not captured,

–1 if the animals was captured but not released (for example, if it was killed in the trap or during handling).


The Return key on your keyboard moves you sequentially through the grid, and when pressed with the cursor in the lower right hand column will add a new column (Sample).


To add a new row, press the Insert key on your keyboard. A row will be inserted below that currently selected.


Please note, if the text within a box is selected (it will usually appear blue), Insert will not work. Simply click on the cell again to select the entire cell, rather than the text inside it, and Insert will be activated.


Use the Delete key to remove a row.



Full data grid