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Community Analysis Package


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CAP is a fast, easy to use, multivariate analysis package for Windows PCs. It has superb graphical output that gives you complete control over how you want your graphics to look. The program offers you a simple way to discover the power of multivariate statistics. Now in version 3, it is a proven performer that is both easy to use and affordable.


CAP allows you to identify your groups that are then displayed on the output, and even surround them with a perimeter, as can be seen below.


Example PCA output from CAP

Example PCA output from CAP


It offers all the analytical techniques commonly used by community ecologists, and researchers in other fields such as palaeontology, archaeology and the social sciences. It is particularly useful for ecological teaching because it allows students to quickly enter data, try different transformations, and explore a wide range of methods within a familiar Windows setting.


Its principal methods are:

Two-way INdicator Species Analysis (TWINSPAN)
Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling (NMDS)
Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DECORANA)
Analysis of Similarity (ANOSIM) and Similarity Percentages (SIMPER)
Agglomerative clustering
Species Filtering
Reciprocal Averaging
26 Similarity and distance measures
Divisive cluster analysis
Association analysis


CAP also feature 'Instant Assist' an (optional) always-on help panel to guide you through your analysis, to tell you what's appropriate and what the pitfalls of any technique are likely to be.


CAP is an indispensable part of every ecologist's analytical toolbox.


An example Twinspan dendrogram from CAP

An example Twinspan dendrogram from CAP