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Pisces Ecology Lecture Resources are designed for the busy lecturer or course leader.
  • Written by ecologists with many years' experience in the field, these presentations provide a series of lectures on practical ecology.
  • The lectures provide educational support to students of ecology, natural history, environmental science and similar subjects. The lecture notes and manual are designed to be accessible to students of A-level, undergraduate, high school or junior college standard.
  • Packed with superb photographs and images, the lectures take the student step-by-step through the concepts and practicalities of ecology and surveying.
  • The presentations are prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint. Lectures can be viewed on any PC which has either PowerPoint or the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installed.
  • Busy lecturers and teachers can't afford to be without this superb resource; Pisces have done all the hard work for you, just switch on and teach!

All you need to bring lectures to life!
No. 1 - Seashore Ecology
Download only: £66.00 VAT-free

Nine slide presentations showing the plants and animals of the seashore, and the techniques required to study and understand their ecology.
Over 480 original photographs!

No. 3 - The Galapagos Islands from an Ecological Perspective
Download only: £15.60 VAT-free

A PowerPoint presentation on the plants and animals of the islands, and exploring their habitats and ecology.

No. 5 - Intro. to Species Diversity & Richness
Download only: £14.40 VAT-free

Two PowerPoint presentations on methods for studying species diversity and richness.
No. 2 - The Ecology of Freshwaters
Download only: £66.00 VAT-free

Seven slide presentations exploring every aspect of freshwater ecology.
Over 370 original photographs!

No. 4 - Intro. to Multivariate Statistics
Download only: £14.40 VAT-free

Two PowerPoint presentations exploring the principles of multivariate statistical analysis, with guidance and example hints from biology, archaeology and geology.

No. 6 - Intro. to Growth Curves
Download only: £14.40 VAT-free

A PowerPoint presentation exploring the principles of growth curves.