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Growth II offers a wide range of growth curves these vary in their shape, flexibility and the number of parameters that need to be fitted to your data. Generally you should favour a growth model that gives the best fit while taking into account the number of parameters (see Akaike information criterion). Fitting a model with 4 or 5 parameters to data set that is noisy (high error levels in the measurements) and holds a small number of points < 10 is unlikely to be successful.  



3 parameter models

Exponential growth

3 parameter logistic growth equation

3 parameter Gompertz growth equation

von Bertalanffy growth equation


4 parameter models


Weibull growth curve

4 parameter logistic growth equation

4 parameter Gompertz growth equation

4 parameter Richards model


5 parameter models

5 parameter Richard's model

seasonally adjusted von Bertalanffy growth model