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Growth II is designed to allow scientists and students, with no mathematical knowledge, to fit a variety of common growth curves to their data. The methods on offer range from the relatively simple and familiar to more complex models such as the general Richards curve and seasonally adjusted von Bertalanffy. The program also offers some graphical methods which have generally been superseded by numerical techniques, but which may still be useful when exploring your data.



Growth  II, completed in October 2006, is an upgrade from Simply Growth and includes the following additions and enhancements:


An improved user interface and graphics
No maximum size for the data set  -  all arrays are dynamically sized
Improved help system with tutorials
Additional new models including a seasonal von Bertalanffy
Appropriate model statistics to help with choice of method




A full list of the New Features in Growth II


New Models

4 Parameter Gompertz
4 Parameter logistic
3 Parameter Weibull
4 Parameter Weibull
Morgan-Mercer-Flodin (MMF)
4 Parameter Richards
5 Parameter Richards
Non Linear Seasonally adjusted von Bertalanffy
Linear Seasonally adjusted von Bertalanffy


New Appropriate Model Statistics

Akaike Information Criterion (AIC)
Schwarz Criterion (SC)


Improved Models

Non Linear Von Bertalanffy
3 Parameter Gompertz
3 Parameter Logistic


Improved Graphics

Export Charts as BMP, WMF, EMF, JPEG, PCX, GIF and PDF
Updated graphics
New tools on each graph making publication quality charts easier
Active clicking on graphs takes you to the editor for each part of the graph
Interactive results and Equation click on a parameter and the corresponding part of the equation will be highlighted


Improved data entry and editing

Redo/Undo on grids
Paste in to grid
Output to grids
Opens Excel (*.xls) files


New Help

Completely rewritten Help
Explanations of the models
Tutorials and worked examples