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This plot shows the inferred ranking of the species (or other taxa) along an environmental variable presented in the biplot. It will enable you to identify species that are particularly positively or negatively correlated with the chosen environmental variable. It will also allow you to present the species in order of preference for the chosen environmental variable. The position of each species is projected onto the line formed by the environmental vector. Please note that while the lines are projected at right angles, they will not appear so until you adjust the shape of the graph by changing the window or the axes. To adjust the graph axes click on the Edit graph button above the plot and select Axis.





The environment is selected using the Plot Environment drop-down menu below the graph and labels can be added or removed by clicking on the Show labels tick box.


To export your graph see Export Tee Chart.

To print your graph see Printing and exporting your results



To change graph options, print and export see Graph display options.

To pan and zoom within the graph area see Zooming and panning on graphs