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This tab gives the weighted and unweighted Pearson correlations between the environmental variables. When two environmental variables are highly correlated, only one of them is likely to be of value as a predictor of species composition. If they are perfectly correlated (R = 1),  then they both cannot be used in the analysis as it will result in a singular matrix (i.e. it has no inverse matrix). The best analysis will tend to be produced following the selection of environmental variables that are not highly correlated.


When running a Redundancy analysis, the Correlation between Environmental Variables is shown in a single grid as shown. These are the Simple Pearson Correlations.


Corr Env vars

When running a Correspondence Analysis two buttons will be shown, the simple, (see above) is selected by pressing the 'Simple' button, and the Weighted Pearson Correlations weighted by the row sums of the species matrix is selected with the 'Weighted' button.



These results can be printed or exported from the File menu and copied from the Edit menu. See Export Active Grid.