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This tab shows the ordination plot of the species and site scores. The graph can also show the environmental vectors. It will produce a figure that can be used to interpret the similarity between sites in terms of their species composition and species in terms of their habitat requirements. When the tab is first selected the graph will show species, sites and environmental vectors plus their labels.


ordination plot


If you have a fair number of species, sites or environments it can be confusing and impossible to read; many display options are available to produce a figure that allows you to see clearly the relationships within your data. Below the graph there are two buttons Set Plots and Set Label which will display options that can be used to select the data and labels that will be displayed. and drop-down menus.


The Plot radio button can be used to plot either the sample scores derived from the weighted species averages or the sample scores derived from the linear regression of the environmental variables. You should normally plot the default which is the weighted average sample (sites) scores.


The Plot Component drop-down boxes allow the selection of the axis for plotting. Generally, you will only be interested in plotting the first 2 or 3 axes. If you select an axis in the right hand drop-down menu then you will be presented with a 3D graph.


You can change almost every aspect of your graph. To change graph options, print and export see Graph display options.

To pan and zoom within the graph area see Zooming and panning on graphs


To export your graph see Export Tee Chart.

To print your graph see Printing and exporting your results