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Software which allows you to quickly discover patterns and perform your analysis.


All our programs feature

Designed to make difficult statistics easy.
Easily import and export data.
Proven high quality graphs.


More details of our programs, free downloads, FAQ and Technical Support information and much more can be found on our website at:  www.pisces-conservation.com





CAP - Community Analysis Package

A fully-featured analytical package ideal for a very wide range of analytical techniques. CAP guides you through the complexities of multivariate statistics, with its 'Instant Assist' feature and a very extensive Help system that contains all the background to the methods that you could need. Includes a helpful worked example too! Buy bundled with ECOM for a substantial discount!



The sister program to CAP, it complements CAP in providing analytical techniques to detect, visualise and order relationships from both species data and environmental variables. Used where you have environmental data as well as species data. Principal methods: Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA), Redundancy Analysis (RDA), Multiple Regression (MR) and Forward and Backward Stepwise Regression. (Discounts are available for buying CAP & ECOM as a bundle).


Species Diversity and Richness IV

A program to calculate and compare species diversity, estimate total species richness and study patterns of abundance.



For handling circular statistics. Essential in behavioural studies, biogeography and geology.


Fuzzy Grouping

Fuzzy Grouping offers two main methods of data analysis, firstly, fuzzy c-means and secondly, fuzzy ordination, for dealing with imprecise data and likelihood of group membership.


Population Estimation by Removal Sampling

A program to calculate the statistics from removal trapping experiments.


Growth II

To analyse growth curves from length and/or weight data - a major update to the program previously known as Simply Growth.


Simply Probit

A program for estimating lethal or environmental concentrations using toxicity data.


Simply Tagging

For estimating population size of both closed and open populations with mark-recapture methods. Includes data simulation options to model experiments for open and closed populations.


Density from Distance

Offering a range of analytical techniques commonly used by ecologists to estimate animal and plant density from measurements of the distance between objects or from a selected line or point to the objects.



Dynamica allows you to explore how animal populations and communities change through time.

The program uses a long-term data set from the Severn Estuary, England. Since 1980 fish and crustacean samples have been collected from Hinkley Point 'B' power station. Data are presented on every fish and most large crustaceans known from the estuary, producing an exceptional data set for those interested in population dynamics.


Hedgerow Assistant

The reliable way to survey hedgerows under the 1997 Hedgerows Regulations.