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Finally a program that allows you to discover the relationships within your circular data.  It offers a range of graphical and analytical techniques commonly used by biologists, geologists and archaeologists for the analysis of circular data.


Axis implements the principal graphical methods and statistical tests described by Fisher (1993) in Statistical Analysis of Circular Data. Periodic data of many kinds can be represented and analysed using the methods available within Axis.


While compass bearings are the most obvious examples of circular data, other examples could be the time of events over a 24-hour period, and the occurrence of activity over the lunar cycle.


Available plots within Axis include linear, circular and angular histograms, and optional smoothing by Fast Fourier Transform. Tests include: correlation between samples, uniformity or randomness, and specified mean direction. Simulated data sets can be created conforming to various distributions.


Axis graph


Axis has extremely versatile graphing capabilities, and can export images in .emf, .jpg, .png or .bmp formats. Tabulated data can be exported as plain text, .csv, or .xls files which will load into Excel or other spreadsheets - or even in HTML format.


Data sets can be imported from standard spreadsheets such as Excel, or created within the program.