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Simply Tagging


For more information and a free demo visit our website here.


Estimate the population size for both closed and open populations using mark-recapture methods. Simply Tagging is designed to be used by undergraduates and professionals and allows them to simulate data and explore the accuracy and reliability of mark-recapture methods.


Main features:

Data can be entered as individual animal capture histories or as summary tables.
Ability to subset data by sex or age.
Wide range of methods available for closed populations including Schnabel census and methods which assume behavioural differences between individuals.
Undertakes full Jolly-Seber or constant survival and probability of capture model.
Plots of population estimates and frequency of capture.


As with all Pisces software, Simply Tagging has an attractive user interface, extensive help system and good quality graphical output.


Tagging also includes a data simulation option to model mark-recapture experiments for open and closed populations. The user can vary sampling intensity, population size, animal behaviour and birth/death rates.