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Three demonstration data sets are placed on your hard disc during installation; by default they are stored in My Documents / Ecom Data / Demo Data. Each consists of a pair of files which must both be opened to run the analyses.


Demonstration 1


Dune_species.csv and Dune_enviro.csv hold the dune meadow data used by Jongman et al.


Demonstration 2


Test_species.csv and Test_enviro.csv hold the demonstration data used by Legendre & Legendre


Demonstration 3


Hinkley_species.csv and Hinkley_enviro.csv hold data on fish and climatic conditions at Hinkley Point in the Severn Estuary. 


These demonstration data sets allow the user to test the program and, by opening these files in Excel or another spreadsheet, see how the data are organized. All demonstration files can be deleted without affecting the program.