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Species Diversity and Richness


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Calculate and compare species diversity, estimate species richness and study patterns of abundance in one easy to use program.


The methods on offer range from the familiar, such as the calculation of various diversity indices and the fitting of common distributions to more recently-developed techniques such as total species complement estimators. Taken together they provide a powerful suite of methods to explore compare and analyse community structure.




Species diversity and richness is a Windows program designed for both the professional ecologist and students.


Species diversity and richness version 4 offers considerable improvements over version 3. Existing users will immediately note the redesigned menu system and improved graphics, data input and printing. Probably the greatest recent improvements have been the extended range of methods and statistical tests on offer. The program offers all the analytical tools that a general ecologist needs for analysing and comparing the diversity of communities.


Methods available within Species diversity and richness include

11 Alpha diversity indices including Shannon's, Simpson's, Fisher's  and Q statistic.
14 Evenness measures
Bootstrapping of confidence intervals.
Randomization tests to compare diversity between sites.
Jackknife errors of total diversity/evenness
2 diversity ordering methods.
14 methods to estimate total species richness
Rank order, K Dominance and species accumulation curves.
8 beta diversity measures
SHE analysis
Fitting of log series, log normal, geometric and broken stick abundance models
Ability to generate simulated data
Freshwater quality measures including BMWP, ASPT, LIFE & Irish quality rating, including the revised BMPS scoring system


Div Rare


Species diversity and Richness offers

An attractive user interface.

Extensive help system.

Easy data importation.

High quality graphical output.


and is ideal for


Community ecology research.

Undergraduate teaching.

Applied ecologists.

Ecologists with limited computer experience.