Simulation parameters dialog - general

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These parameters set some general conditions for your simulation.





Number of Animals: This gives the starting number of animals for the simulation. The maximum number is about 3000.

Speed: Move the slider to change the speed of movement of the animals. A higher speed will increase mixing.

Initial position of the animals: The initial position of the animals can be selected, using the drop-down menu, as random (the default), regular, clumped, and all at one point.

Trap attraction/repulsion:  The animals can be made to be attracted or repelled by the traps. A zero value indicates no trap effect. The larger the positive value the higher the attraction of the traps to the animals, and the larger the negative value, the higher the trap avoidance. Attraction and repulsion to the traps increases with the number of times an individual is caught. Thus it is possible to run a simulation where a small number of individuals become trap-happy, as can occur with small mammals.

Decide if the animals move randomly: Click on Random for random movement. Click on Behavioural if you want the 'animals' to interact. If this option is selected, a Behavioural tab will appear, offering a further series of options that are described below. When Behavioural is selected, the movement of the animals will become non-random.