Subsetting by age, sex or size

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If you have entered full individual tag data then you have the option to add information on the sex and some measure of size, weight or age which can be used to partition your data into separate groups for analysis. You do not need to add any information to the size or sex columns, as these columns are only referenced when a subset is requested.


Data in the size column must be entered as a single number eg 12.4, 2 or 0.7. This could be a weight, length, width or age. There are three options available for the Sex column; N/A, male or female. These can be entered by clicking 3 times on a cell and choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu that will appear.


Sex choice


To subset the data by sex, choose one of the options on Subset by sex radio box below the data grid. All subsequent analyses will be carried out only on observations for the sex selected.



subset by sex



To subset by size (age) click on the Subset by size tick box and type upper and lower size limits in the boxes in the lower right hand area of the screen.



subset by size