Behavioural response (Mb)

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The experience of being captured, tagged and released often changes an animal's subsequent behaviour so that it becomes either more or less likely to be captured again. Animals have memory, so that the experience of entering a trap may result in trap avoidance. Alternatively, if baited traps are used, an animal may be more willing to enter a trap in future. If recapture probability is considerably different from first capture probability, then a behavioural response can be suspected.


For model Mb, because of the change in behaviour following capture, only first capture data is used to estimate population size, which results in an estimation problem analogous to a removal trapping experiment. Zippin's removal trapping method is therefore used to estimate population number.


The results for an Mb model are displayed by clicking on the Mb tab, which will appear once the model has been selected from the Closed methods drop-down menu.