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Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles - 2005 facsimile edition
Southwood & Leston
ISBN-13 978-1-904690-31-3

Price: £44.00 + postage

Originally published in 1959, with a total print run of only 400 copies, Southwood and Leston's 'Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles' remains one of the best-known and respected works on the Hemiptera/Heteroptera. It features 32 coloured plates, 31 black and white plates, and 153 text figures.

Pisces Conservation are delighted to publish this facsimile edition, containing the full text and all the original plates & illustrations, with the kind permission of Prof. Sir Richard Southwood.

The 2005 facsimile edition of 'Land and Water Bugs' is available now, price only £44.00 plus p&p - please contact us.

'Land and Water Bugs' forms part of Pisces Conservation's series of reprints and e-books of classic works from entomology, aquatic biology, botany and other fields.