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Data sets can also be created and edited within Species Diversity and Richness. To create a new data set, select New from the File pull-down menu or click on the second button on the tool bar. You will be presented with the Edit your dataset box:




Add new species and new sample details using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, and input your data. To edit a species or sample name double-click in the first (title) cell of the row or column a box appears in which you can alter the title or delete the row/column. To delete a row or column, click in a cell in it, and use the Delete Species / Delete Sample button.


NOTE: Commas are not allowed in the species name. For instance, Upright Hedge-parsley should not be entered as Hedge-parsley, Upright.


When you have finished entering data, click OK, and you will be prompted to choose a name for your new data file and save it.


By default, all samples are selected for inclusion in the analyses. If you wish to remove a sample from the analysis, but not delete it completely from the data set, use the Select Data function (4th button from left on the main program toolbar) see Selecting the Samples to Analyse.


Remember that for larger data sets you are advised to use a spreadsheet to create your dataset, as it will give you superior editing and data search facilities. See Creating a data file using a spreadsheet.