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Our current titles include (ebooks unless stated):


   Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles - Southwood & Leston
   Land and Water Bugs - 2005 print edition
   British Tortricoid Moths - Bradley, Tremewan & Smith
   British Water Beetles - Balfour-Browne
   Centipedes of the British Isles - Eason
   Larvae of the British Butterflies and Moths  (Wm. Buckler):

               Vol. 1  

               Vols. 2 & 3  

               Vols. 4 to 6  

               Vols. 7 & 8  

               Vol. 9

   British Spiders (Vols 1-3) - Locket & Millidge
   Mantidae - Giglio-Tos
   The Comity of Spiders - W.S. Bristowe
   Collected Essays of J. Henri Fabre - Vol. 1
   The Genitalia of the Geometridae - Pierce
   The Genitalia of the Rhopalocera / Larger British Moths - Pierce
   The Genitalia of the Tortricidae - Pierce
       The Gentialia of the Pyrales, Deltoids and Plumes - Pierce


    Moth Spider