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Our library of e-books is growing continuously.


Pisces e-books are supplied on CD as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The PDF format is well known, extremely versatile, and will run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The Acrobat Reader software to use them is available as a free download from Adobe - and we also supply the 2 latest Windows versions on the e-book CDs.


Many e-books are simply 'photographic' copies of the originals. This means that the pages are scanned images of the book. This can give a poor-quality image, with a huge file size, and means that the text can not be selected, or searched. Pisces e-books are carefully scanned from the originals, repeatedly proof-read, saved as fully-searchable text, and paginated exactly as the original, so that all page and index references remain correct. We do not make corrections or alterations to the original, except:

in the case of obvious typos, where the correction is added in [square brackets], and
where the original contains an 'Errata' section.


Quotes from customers about Pisces e-books:


" ... very well done for the service you are providing for naturalists and the quality of your products".


" Pisces are putting essential works back into the reach of many who needed them".


We now have e-books for those interested in the fields of entomology, botany, marine zoology and early exploration of the natural world.


For more information visit our website here.


Our current titles include works on the following:


Aquatic Biology
Classics of Science and Exploration
Pisces Thesis Series