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A Handbook of the British Seaweeds
Lily Newton (1931)
ISBN-13 978-1-904690-53-5

Price: CD-ROM: £26.00 + VAT/postage
           Download: £15.60 VAT-free

Lily Newton's 'Handbook of the British Seaweeds' is a thorough account of the salt and brackish water algae, from the smallest parasitic species to the great kelps, which will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in the group. The concise yet thorough species descriptions, habitat and distributions, combined with 270 figures of the species, make this book the ideal work on the groups.

The book was originally published in 1931. Pisces Conservation are delighted to release "A Handbook of the British Seaweeds" on CD, with the kind permission of the Natural History Museum, London. The CD is for Windows PCs and Macs, with fully searchable text and hyperlinks for ease of navigation.

As with all our e-books, the quality of reproduction of illustrations and text is excellent.

The book is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, allowing high-quality printing of the text and figures.

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