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Account of the Crustacea of Norway; 9-volume set
G.O. Sars
Price: CD-ROM: £100.00 + VAT/postage
           Download: £60.00 (VAT-free)

"During his long and industrious life Professor Sars worked in many branches of marine zoology (Whales, Fishes, Mollusks etc.) and everywhere with singular success; in later years his special studies centred in the vast field of the Crustacea. The first parts of "An Account of the Crustacea of Norway" were published in 1890. Though Sars did not reach to complete this work, the nine volumes published, comprising abt. 2400 pages of text and more than 1100 plates, will always remain a standard source of knowledge to all students of this group and a monument to the genius of G. O. Sars. The Board of Directors of the Bergen Museum is proud of having been the medium of presenting this work to the scientific world."
Bergen, January, 1928.

Out of print and very scarce for many years, all 9 volumes of "An Account of the Crustacea of Norway" are now available on CD-ROM, for Windows PCs and Macs, from Pisces Conservation. The set is available at a considerably-reduced price.

The plates, figures and text are reproduced exactly from the originals, with the added bonus of being fully cross-referenced and searchable for ease of navigation.

The quality of reproduction of all the illustrations is excellent, allowing accurate and precise identification. The books are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, allowing text and images to be printed at high resolution. In addition, high-resolution scans of all the plates are included separately on the CDs.

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