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The Biology of Intertidal Animals
Richard C. Newell
ISBN-13 978-1-904690-49-8

Price: CD-ROM: £18.00 + VAT/postage
           Download: £10.80 (VAT-free)

Richard Newell's comprehensive and extremely approachable work on intertidal animals will be invaluable to anyone studying the intertidal zone, and the biology of the animals which inhabit it. The clear and practical nature of the text and over 400 figures makes this work the ideal companion to the study of intertidal life.

Section 1: Establishment and maintenance of distribution patterns
Section 2: Energy acquisition in the intertidal zone
Section 3: Metabolic energy expenditure
Section 4: The maintenance of balance between energy gain and expenditure

Pisces Conservation are delighted to release "Biology of Intertidal Animals" on CD, with the kind permission of Dr. Richard Newell. The CD is for Windows PCs and Macs, with fully searchable text and hyperlinks for ease of navigation.

As with all our e-books, the quality of reproduction of illustrations and text is excellent.

The book is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, allowing high-quality printing of the text and figures.

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