Introduction to Simply Tagging
System requirements
Summary for entering data
An introduction to mark-recapture methods
Methods for open populations
Open population
Methods for closed populations
Closed population
Main Windows
The Main Form
New Data Type
Full Data - tab
Jolly Summary - tab
Recaptures - tab
Closed Summary - tab
Plot frequency - tab
Jolly Seber Results - tab
Jolly Seber Const. - tab
Plot Estimates - tab
MO - tab
Petersen-Schnabel Mt - tab
Mh - tab
Zippin's Mb - tab
Chao Mt - tab
Chao Mth - tab
Equal Catchability open - tab
Equal catchability closed - tab
Entering Data
Entering full individual tagging data
Entering data in a Jolly-Seber summary table
Entering data in a closed summary table
Subsetting by age, sex or size
Editing and saving data
A simple example of data entry
Printing and saving results
Printing and saving text and grid output
Graph display options
Printing charts
Themes for charts
Exporting charts
Full Jolly-Seber
Constant probability of capture and survival Jolly-Seber
Constant probability of capture (M0)
Temporal change in capture probability (Mt)
Individual variation in capture probability (Mh)
Behavioural response (Mb)
Chao temporal change in capture probabilities (Mt)
Leslie's Test
Equal catchability
Zero-Truncated Poisson Test
Both individual and temporal differences in capture probability (Mth)
Simulating data
Setting simulation parameters
Simulation parameters dialog - general
Simulation parameters dialog - traps
Simulation parameters dialog - random
Simulation parameters dialog - behavioural
Simulation parameters dialog - population dynamics
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Density from Distance
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Simply Probit
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The Ecology of Freshwaters
The Galapagos Islands
An Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
An Introduction to Species Diversity and Richness
Aquatic Biology
Classics of Science and Exploration
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