Full data - sample columns

Columns 4 onwards are labelled Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3 etc and are used to encode the capture history. For each sampling occasion, enter a 1 if the animal was captured, tagged and released, enter a 0 if the animal was not captured, and enter –1 if the animal was captured but not released (for example, if it was killed in the trap or during handling).


The Return key on your keyboard moves you sequentially through the grid, and when pressed with the cursor in the lower right hand column will add a new column (Sample). To add a new row, press the Insert key on your keyboard. A row will be inserted below that currently selected. Please note, if the text within a box is selected (it will usually appear blue), Insert will not work. Simply click on the cell again to select the cell and Insert will be activated. Use the Delete key to remove a row.