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Start Diversity in the normal Windows fashion either by clicking on the desktop icon or from the Start menu. The program appears with no open data set, as shown below:




Along the top bar are a number of drop-down menus. These work in the same way as most standard Windows programs.

File: To open and create data sets, save files and print results.

Edit: To copy the active window.

Simulation: To create simulated data sets (see Data Simulation).

Summary: To view summary data and statistics relating to the data set currently in use, and compare species lists between samples or site.

Window: To arrange program windows.

Help: to enter the Help system. Context specific help can also be obtained for each method by opening its window and then clicking on the right hand mouse button, or by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.


Below these pull-down menus is a series of buttons, each displaying a standard symbol:




From left to right these are:

Open an existing data file,
Create a new data set,
Edit the open data set (greyed out when no data set is open)
Select which samples to analyse from the data set (greyed out when no data set is open),
Close the program.


To the right of these buttons is a pull-down menu that allows the selection of the number of randomisations of the data that will be run during species richness estimation. See Number of Random Selections for more details.


Down the left hand side of the window are a series of tabbed panels relating to the different types of analysis available. When any of them is selected a list of possible methods will appear. If you hover the cursor over a method, it will be highlighted; to apply the method to the current data set, simply click on it. A new window will appear with the results, and the method's logo will change (image below):




SDR is designed to enable you to see the results of a number of calculations simultaneously. Each of the methods available in the program will be described in detail throughout this help system.