System requirements
How to reference this program
Tutorials and demonstration data sets
Essential steps for the analysis of diversity
Diversity Ordering tutorial
Species accumulation tutorial
Rank abundance plots
Comparing the index of two samples
Data exploration
Comparing samples
Summary Statistics
Using Species Diversity & Richness
Entering data
Maximum size of the data set
File open button
Creating a new data set within SDR
Creating a data file using a spread sheet
Add species
Add sample
Open an existing data file
Selecting the Samples to Analyse
Non-Integer Data
Editing data
Printing and exporting your results
Saving a data set
Closing the program
Maximum size of a variable
Bottom bar
Alpha diversity
Shannon-Wiener Index
Simpson's Index
Species Number
Margalef D
Berger-Parker Dominance
McIntosh D
Brillouin D
Fisher's alpha
Q statistic
Menhinick Index
Strong's Index
Bootstrap estimation of confidence intervals
Jackknifing diversity
How jackknifing works
Testing for significant differences
Smith and Wilson's view
Pielou J (All samples)
Pielou J (Each Sample)
McIntosh E
Brillouin E
Simpson's E
Smith & Wilson B
Smith & Wilson 1-D
Smith & Wilson -lnD
Shannon maximum
Shannon minimum
SHE Analysis
SHE analysis
Diversity ordering
Renyi family
Right-tailed Sum Diversity Ordering
Species richness estimators
Heterogeneity test
Chao Quantitative
Chao Presence/absence
Chao & Lee 1
Chao & Lee 2
1st Order Jackknife
2nd Order jackknife
Pooled rarefaction
Single sample rarefaction
Across sample rarefaction
Sample interpolation
Number of Random Selections
Using the Michaelis-Menten method as a stopping rule
Using parametric models based on relative abundance
Species Number
Rank Abundance
Species Accumulation Curves
K dominance
Fitting abundance distributions
Log series
Truncated log-normal
Broken stick
Data Simulation
Data Simulation
Beta diversity
Beta diversity indices
Special indices
BMWP score
Habitat specific BMWP
Revised BMWP
Original BMWP
ASPT index
Irish water quality rating
LIFE scores
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