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The geometric distribution is described by:




ni = the number of individuals belonging to the i th species;

N = the total number of individuals;

Ck is a constant to ensure that the total sums to N.


The parameter k is estimated by iteration, after which Ck is calculated.


The output is displayed in a tabbed window.




The O/E tab displays the observed and expected abundances of the species and the Param/Chi tab presents the estimated values for k and the results of a Chi-Squared test of the observed and expected observations. If the value of p is < 0.05 then the distributions are significantly different at the 5% level. The goodness of fit results are displayed in a rich text window. To move around the displayed text click on the text and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard. These results can be copied onto the clipboard by selecting Copy from the Edit menu in the normal Windows manner.