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To edit an open data set click the Edit Open Dataset button (3rd from left in main program toolbar). This will open the Edit Dataset window (shown below). You can then change individual observations, add/delete species and samples, and select which samples are included in the analysis.




NOTE: Commas are not allowed in the species name. For instance, Upright Hedge-parsley should not be entered as Hedge-parsley, Upright.


To edit a particular observation, double-click in the cell you wish to change (the row and column headers change colour to indicate which row/column the cell is in), type in the new value, and either press the Enter key on your keyboard, or click into another cell with the cursor.


Add new species and new sample details using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, and input your data. To edit a species or sample name double-click in the first (title) cell of the row or column a box appears in which you can alter the title or delete the row/column. To delete a row or column, click in a cell in it, and use the Delete Species / Delete Sample button.


An error message that can occur while using the program is 'division by zero'. This happens when one of your samples or species holds insufficient observations to undertake the procedure selected. You can either de-select the sample, add observations, or delete the sample or species from the data set.