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Start Removal Sampling 2 in the normal Windows fashion either by clicking on the desktop icon or from the Start menu. The program appears with no open data set, as shown below:




main window initial



Along the top bar are a number of drop-down menus. These work in the same way as most standard Windows programs.

File: To open and create data sets, save files and print results.

Edit: To copy or export the graph or the data and predicted results.

Method: To select a model to estimate population size.

Help: to enter the Help system. Context specific help can also be obtained for each method by opening its window and then clicking on the right hand mouse button, or by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.



The data and results are shown in three tabbed windows. Just left click on a tab to select it.




Data: This tab shows age and size data. For example, it will be displayed if you have entered or opened a data set that comprises age and length data for individual organisms.

Calculations: This tab presents the observed and predicted values.

Graph + Results: This tab presented a plot of the observed and predicted fit plus model parameters and diagnostics for length data.


To get you started Removal Sampling 2 comes with a demo data set.


Use File|Open to find and open RemovalDemo.csv (saved by default during installation in the folder ..\My Documents\Removal Sampling Data\Demo Data)


This will give a plot of your data in a tabbed output. Upon opening the data set Removal Sampling 2 automatically fits a constant probability model using non-linear methods. If you wish to fit another model, this is easily accomplished - choose another from the Method drop-down menu: