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To edit an open data set click on Data tab to display the data grid. Double click on the cell you wish to edit and type in the new value. If you wish to undo an alteration use Edit|Undo or Ctrl-Z


Above the data grid there is a tool bar which allows the shape of the grid to be changed by adding or removing rows and columns. The purpose of each button will be displayed if you hover with the cursor over any of the buttons.


grid tool bar


By default, the toolbar is docked on the main program window; if you wish, you can drag it so that is displayed free from the main window, by clicking on the dotted vertical line at the left of the toolbar, and dragging:




To re-dock the toolbar on the main window, either click the X in the top right corner of the toolbar, or drag it back to its original position on the main program window.


To make major changes to a large data set it may be quicker to open the data set in a spreadsheet program.