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Click on this tab at the bottom of the main window to show the data grid.





The example below is the data for our demonstration data set RemovalDemo.csv


data grid


Data can be edited, saved, copied or printed.


To print, export or copy the grid see Print Grid and Copy Grid


If you have a number of columns of data for different species, as in the example above, Removal Sampling 2 will initially analyse the summed data for all the columns. You can select which of the columns to analyse, by clicking in to the column title cell, so that a red dot is displayed (see image above) in the column(s) you wish to analyse. Click again to remove the red dot, and deselect that column. For example, to only analyse Minnow, click on the title cells of the other three columns, so that only the red dot alongside Minnow remains.


minnow selection


Each time a column is selected or deselected, the calculations are performed on the selected columns, using the default model from the Method menu, and the results are displayed on the Calculations and Graph + Results tabs. To use a different model, simply select the one you want from the Method drop-down menu.