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Datasets can be created both within and outside Removal Sampling 2. To start a new dataset from within Removal Sampling 2 select File|New. This will open a blank grid into which you can type your data.


new grid


The data comprise the number of animals captured for the first time in samples 1 to n, arranged in columns. Enter data in each cell by clicking on the cell and typing. Columns and rows can be added or deleted using the tool bar above the grid.


To set an initial number of rows and columns use the size grid tool on the tool bar which has the square icon-


resize icon


To select a row and column number just drag the mouse over the grid with the left-hand button depressed and then release. As the pointer is dragged over the grid the selected size will be shown in blue as follows -



gris size select



Remember that for larger data sets you are advised to use a spreadsheet to create your dataset, as it will give you superior editing and data search facilities. See Creating a data file using a spreadsheet.


To see an example of data collected using electric fishing in a stream, open RemovalDemo.csv - stored by default in ..\My Documents\Removal Sampling Data\Demo Data.