Improvements to Version 2.1 of ECOM
General instructions
Quick quide to running a data set
Installation and requirements
System requirements
Methods offered by ECOM
User preferences
Importing from Excel
Demonstration data sets
File menu
Opening a data set
Creating and editing a data set
Preparing large data sets in a spreadsheet program
Data entry from within ECOM
Editing existing data
Saving edited data or creating a new data file
Large data files
Maximum size of the data set and computation speed
Transforming and adjusting your data
Data transformations
Data relativisations
Dealing with zeros
Transposing data
The output screens
Summary of data
Statistics radio buttons
Sample Correspondence Check
Environmental variables from biological features
Data set statistics
Canonical Correspondence Analysis
What is CCA?
Selecting Environmental variables
Linear combinations of environmental variables
Dummy Environmental variables
Transforming environmental variables
Circular environmental variables
Species Scores
Variance & Eigenvalues
Sample Scores
Ordination Plot
Rank Plot
Correlation of Env. Vars
Binary Environments
Biplot Scores
Monte Carlo Simulations
Environment plot
Canonical Coef.
Multiple Regression
Scatter Plot
Stepwise Multiple Linear Regression
Variable Selection
Foward Stepwise Linear Regression
Backward Stepwise Linear Regression
Variable Selection
Sample/Species Data
Working Samples/Species Data
Environmental Data
Working Environmental Data
Redundancy Analysis
Correspondence Analysis
Printing and saving results
Exporting charts
Printing charts
Preparing charts for output
Exporting text and grid output
Graph display options
Tips for improving graphical output
Zooming and panning on graphs
Printing text and grid output
Programs for ecologists by PISCES Conservation Ltd
Species Diversity and Richness IV
Fuzzy Grouping
Simply Tagging
Population Estimation by Removal Sampling
Density from Distance
Growth II (Simply Growth)
Hedgerow Assistant
Simply Probit
Lecture Resources
Seashore Ecology
The Ecology of Freshwaters
The Galapagos Islands
An Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
An Introduction to Species Diversity and Richness
Aquatic Biology
Classics of Science and Exploration
Pisces Thesis Series
Worked Example
Preliminary inspection and data transformation
Examine and Select Environmental Variables
Interpreting the results
Problems with Species-Environment Correlation
Obtaining help
Common errors and problems
Demonstration version
Contacting PISCES for help

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