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Data sets can be created and edited within ECOM. To create a new data set select File| New from the pull-down menus. A dialog window called Input Grid Variables will open with which you specify the number of sites, species and environmental variables. After you have entered the numbers, click on OK and the data grids will be created for data entry.




After the new file is opened, if you entered numbers as shown above, you will be presented with a 3 column by 3 row grid. The blue grid cells at the head of the columns starting from column 2 are used to hold sample names and similarly the first column starting from row 2 is used to hold species names. Double-click on each of these cells to show a dialog into which you can enter species names, site names and environmental variable names.




Leave the upper left cell free.


To enter data into the remaining cells in the grid, click on a cell and type a number. Numbers can be either integer or real, but some methods may require integers; in most such cases the program will run with real data which will be automatically rounded.


The return key moves you sequentially through the grid. The buttons on the toolbar above the data grid can be used to:

Add Row Above

Add Row Below

Add Column to Left

Add Column to Right

Delete Row

Delete Column

Create a grid of X columns by Y rows

Promote / Demote - move a row up to become the Header row of the grid, or move the header to become an ordinary row.

Label Rows / Columns - with standard Species / Site labels