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The Editing Chart dialog is an extremely versatile tool which allows you to alter every single aspect of your chart, as well as exporting it, saving it and printing. The dialog has an expanding menu in the left-hand pane with the options that can be changed arranged into groups:




Series - These are the actual plotted components of the chart; the data points and (in charts that include them) centroids, and the gradients or vectors along which the data points are arranged.

Chart - All the other components of your graph; the axes, title, legend and captions, fonts, frames and borders, as well as the colour scheme, 3D plotting, and additional items like mouse and cursor behaviour, zooming and scrolling.

Data - all of the data on which the plot is based.

Tools - a wide range of tools that you can use to further manipulate the plot. For more details, see Preparing charts for output.

Export - allows you to export the chart in a wide range of different formats, or send it by email.

Print - Send the chart to a printer.

Themes - apply a range of pre-defined themes to your chart.


For further help on the Editing Chart dialog, click the Help button to launch the dedicated TeeChart help system.